Microsoft merges Skype and outlook

Microsoft merges Skype and outlook

Microsoft has merged its communication platforms Skype and Outlook in various countries, enabling users to call and send messages directly from their emails.

The merger, which was announced by Microsoft back in April and includes the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Brazil among others, is intended to help users who have long conversations over email on their phones, according to Outlook group product manager Dawn Martynuik.

“E-mail is an important and personal tool for most people, but there are moments when you want to be able to speak live or chat face-to-face,” Martynuik wrote in a blog post.

“In a recent Ipsos Public Affairs poll 76 per cent of people say that their email conversations frequently or occasionally result in a follow-up phone or video call, or other means of communication. Those moments are perfect for Skype and now, face-to-face connection right from your inbox is just a click away.”

The merger means Outlook users can now connect with Facebook and Gmail accounts giving, as Microsoft tries to reposition messenger.


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