New Kenyan real estate portal launched

New Kenyan real estate portal launched

A website has been launched in Kenya providing property developers and buyers with an easy way to interact and facilitate the buying and selling of properties.

According to the founding company – Africa Ventures Limited – movingout.co.ke will help break down barriers between home buyers and sellers by bringing together the two parties.

“It will act as a comprehensive one-stop shop and aims to be the place to go for all matters concerned with real estate including buying, renting and a key source of providing information on real estate in general,” reads the company’s website.

The website boasts a search bar integrated with Google Maps allowing interested parties to trace their preferred properties to the real location, with the website mobile-compatible.

It will further provide players in the real estate market with the latest news and analysis, including advice for first time home buyers, with the website owners having teamed up with the largest players in the market space.

The startup further says it targets the growing middle income segment in the market, especially young families with children, of which 70 per cent are tenants and 30 per cent home buyers.

Already the company has integrated various forms of payments including mobile money, debit and credit cards.

In Kenya the real estate sector remains the most profitable segment of the market boosted by a huge housing deficit in the country and a growing middle class.


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