Fake doctor arrested in Lagos for defrauding Facebook friend

Nigerian police officers have arrested a Lagos man for allegedly defrauding a woman he met on Facebook of 200,000 Naira (US$1,280).

According to a statement issued by police in the commercial capital, the suspect posed as a medical doctor on the social media network, a disguise which enabled him to dupe the unsuspecting Facebook girlfriend.

The suspect said the rationale behind his act was to enable him to get funds with which he would be able to secure an employment for the lady at the Nigerian Customs Service.

Presenting the suspect to the public, police spokeswoman Ngozi Briaide said the accused had been arrested and charged to court on a similar offence committed around three years ago.

Describing the events that led to his arrest, she said the police were notified by one of the victims who made an official complaint to the police on November 15 and two days before Christmas the arrest was made.

“The first victim, Mrs Adebiyi Adenike, a graduate became his friend on Facebook after being attracted by the suspect as a Surgeon. He requested for the sum of N200,000 as PR and with her original certificate to enable him secure employment for her into the Customs and that he had a slot at the service,” the police spokeswoman said.

She added the victim and suspect met and set out for the journey to Abuja, but on route to the airport, the suspect pretended as if his vehicle had developed a technical fault. He then requested that the victim alight from the vehicle and assist him in pushing the automobile.

“As soon as the victim pushed the car, he zoomed off with the victim’s credentials, ATM and PHCN cards,” she said.

The prosecution case will be aided by the suspect’s confession statement in which he admitted to the crimes.

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