Nokia to launch Windows RT tablet

Nokia to launch Windows RT tablet

Nokia will release a tablet at the end of next month, set to compete with the iPad.

Offering a 10.1-inch display screen with improved resolution for better outdoor reading, the new tablet will be a lightweight model, equipped with a 6-megapixel camera.

Aiming for a battery life of 10 hours with LTE connection, the anticipated venture will also offer 32GB disk space.

Keyboard features will be similar to the Sirius tablet, also released by Nokia, which can be charged separately.

Although Nokia is still tight-lipped about additional features, more accessories are to be revealed at the launch in New York on September 26.

Thinner than Apple’s iPad, the coloured tablet will also fall in the same price category.

HumanIPO reported last week on the anticipated update for Nokia Lumia devices.

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