Some iPhone users blocked by 2013 ‘Do Not Disturb’ bug

In an error with echoes of the iPhone’s 2010 Daylight Savings Time (DST) fiasco, users of Apple’s latest operating system, iOS6, are missing calls because of a ‘Do Not Disturb’ bug triggered by the New Year.

Some friends and family may be harder to contact today because as the clock struck midnight thousands of people who use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature, which automatically sends calls to voicemail and suspends the delivery of messages, got stuck on off or on.

At the time of this article the bug has yet to be fixed. Some users have had success by turning the application off and on again, but the automatic trigger which can be set to custom dates and times appears to remain disabled.

Apple faced more high-profile embarrassment in October and November 2010 when it failed to keep up when the clocks moved forward in the southern hemisphere and back in the northern hemisphere, which meant people around the world saw their alarms set off at the wrong time.

It was only today (Wednesday) that a new advert promoting the feature was launched, with the American tennis sisters Serena and Venus Williams. Here is the advert:

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