TopTV: sensitive information not at risk

The South African satellite television service TopTV, which suffered a security breach on New Years Day, has reassured subscribers their information is safe.


HumanIPO reported yesterday that TopTV subscriber’s sensitive information may have been obtained by hackers after the security breach incident on January 1. The TopTV IT team worked all of New Years Day to provide temporary pages for the site.

Heather Kennedy, marketing vice president for TopTV, informed MyBroadband the website does not store any sensitive subscriber information nor is there a facility that handles subscription payments. There is no way to trace subscribers banking or other financial details from the TopTV site.

“Subscriber information is all contained in the separate and secure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which is unrelated in any way to the TopTV website,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy added the site “is a portal for information regarding TopTV, its channels, pricing and packaging, and the Top Guide, which provides programme schedule information for the channels. This information is freely available to the public.”

While TopTV subscribers can breathe easy knowing their sensitive information is safe, TopTV is still, however, working on restoring the website.

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