Facebook to update timeline, advertising revenue shift

Facebook is currently testing the replacement for the timeline user profile page in the hope of a better public response.

Following the disgruntlement of multiple Facebookers, the team is working on a more organised display as an alternative.

The zigzag appearance of wall posts on a user’s profile is set to become better organised with straight columns. The left column will be reserved for friends, activity updates and apps, while places will feature on the right.

The user’s name will also appear on the cover photo, rather than lodging in between the profile and cover imagery.

Design changes are anticipated by irritated users who lamented the loss of the previous, pre-timeline design, after Facebook forcefully converted everyone’s profiles to timelines after the two-month freedom of choice between the change or stay.

A hate group called ‘I hate FB Timeline, and want to disable it ASAP’ was created on the social media site against the Facebook timeline design, with almost 26,000 likes since it emerged in December 2011.

Fans of this group, called Timeline Haters, frequently receive updates about the disabling of annoying features.

These changes may also be in line with Facebook’s focus shifting to generating more revenue through marketing.

Advertising is set to become much more prominent in thirteen ways as revealed by the Facebook Insider recently.

Apart from news feed mobile commercials, promoted posts will now increase the acquisition of fans for brands. Facebook Exchange offers a bidding platform, while Facebook Gifts will also enhance online trading.

A feature named ‘Offers’ will supply promotional coupons and Sponsored Results will supply marketing related matches. Logout Ads will act as a backpage commercial opportunity, appearing on the logout page.

The implications for the network member in terms of monetization will be relevant with paid Facebook messages from non-users to users as well as subscription options to pay through Facebook for apps such as online games.

NewsFeed Modules, such as Events, Upcoming Concerts, Recently Released Albums, Recent Articles and New Music By Artists You May Like, that have already started appearing will also be used for marketing purposes.

Nearby will indicate places based on your proximity, an app centre and collections and a Pinterest feature have already gone through testing phases in 2012. Further Premium Services and the Mobile Ad network is also part of the plan in matching the business with the need.

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