Ericsson donates world class physics lab to University of Lagos

Swedish manufacturer Ericsson has donated a refurbished physics laboratory to the University of Lagos in Nigeria, in a move hoped to help educate and create the next generation of technologists and scientists.

The company responded to the call made the university to several organisations in which the Ivory Tower asked for corporate aid in rejuvenating its dilapidated learning facilities.

A sum of 7 million naira (US$45,0000) was spent on the refurbishment. The facility has a capacity for 120 students and has been utilised for several years without any major maintenance. This, the institution said, was as a result of paucity of funds.

HumanIPO reported in December a similar facility provided by LG Electronics to the university’s computer science department was the meeting point for four students who developed an app that eventually won Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012.

In an interview with HumanIPO, Bolutife Ogunsola, a member of the team, said the contributions of companies such as LG and Ericsson to improve the standard of education and facilitate world-class practical exposure at the institution cannot be underestimated.

The aftermath of the abandonment of the facility maintenance saw an immense break down of the laboratory’s facilities. This compelled the university’s Department of Physics to call on several organisations to come to the aid of the institution in restoring the various labs in the department.

Ericsson Nigeria was one of the first organisations that responded to the institution’s call.

In a statement issued by the University, it appreciated the company’s contribution towards the academic centre of excellence. During the institution’s recently held 50th Anniversary celebration, Ericsson was honoured with the University of Lagos’ Platinum Award as one of its major donors of the year.

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