Liberian cell phone stove saves cooking time

Liberian Louis K. Teakleah has invented a cell phone operated stove that can be controlled with a few dials, even away from home.

Teakleh explains the stove can be switched on by using the cell phone to kick start the cooking process from any location.

“In other words, the stove will automatically switch itself on,” Teakleh told The Analyst, who believe the device is the first of its kind.

An assigned cell phone dial will activate the stove, control the opening and closing of the lid and monitor the contents inside. Special value quantity settings will control the amount of water and the opening and closing of the cooking apparatus.

The installation of the system cost Teakleh US$800 and took six years to complete. It works with 220V electricity. He used riles, metal, steel, an ordinary stove and a SIM card to construct the operating stove. A few electronic devices were also employed to ensure full functionality.

Teakleh, aged 50, is a businessman and father of three children. Currently completing his Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Liberia, he left his job at the Liberia Telecommunication Communication (LTC). Before that, he also completed electronics training at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Liberia.

Cell phone interaction with stoves was first recognised in 2009, when Andrei Melnikov noticed his Maytag Magic Chef stove reacted to his phone calls. Any incoming call within 60 centimetres of the appliances registered with a beep and turned the heat up to maximum.

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