No more capped ADSL for SA’s Telkom customers

Telkom, South Africa’s partially state owned telecommunications company, is removing the “hard cap” on its capped ADSL services, instead allowing customers to continue having Internet access even after exhausting their allocated traffic allowance.

From February 1, Telkom will be upgrading its network, as such, users on the networks capped ADSL service will now get access to all websites even after they reach their monthly usage limit, albeit with speed throttling and international data shaping in the form of a “soft cap”.

Telkom said: “This effectively means customers reaching their internet cap will no longer be limited to local data. They will now also be able to access international sites.

“Instead of hitting a cap, customers will now merely have their speed slowed down and some of their international activity shaped.”

This is good news for customers as data consumed in the soft cap “window” will not be charged for.

Telkom’s statement added: “Day to day activities such as email, banking and browsing will be given priority, whilst lower priority will be given to high usage applications such as file sharing and streaming services.”

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