OUTA deciding whether to continue SA e-toll legal battle

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance’s (OUTA) future is on the line as it will decide whether or not to continue the legal battle against e-tolling in Gauteng province today (Monday).


HumanIPO reported in December that Judge Louis Vorster’s judgement endorsed the Government’s decision to toll Gauteng’s freeways despite the overwhelming rejection of the tolling by motorists and society.

OUTA then promised they would not give up the fight against e-tolling, but today will see whether they sink or swim. The organisation already suffered a legal blow when Judge Vorster ordered it to cover the government’s legal costs incurred at both the High and Constitutional Courts.

OUTA will be expected to pay these fees, which amounts to millions of rand, in February due to a parliamentary process. Wayne Duvenage, the organisation’s chairman said they would almost certainly make an appeal against the costs order.

“We believe it is a very harsh penalty to place on society. Government has all the money, all our taxes, to fight these cases. We’ve got nothing. We’ve been going to the public to get the funds for this,” said Duvenage who believes they have a strong case despite an earlier ruling by the Constitutional Court.

The Gauteng High Court’s ruling in favour of the e-tolling has allowed South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) to begin its controversial project and switch on all the gantries.

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