Ericsson deploys flexible data charging for Vodafone Egypt

Ericsson deploys flexible data charging for Vodafone Egypt

Ericsson has chosen Vodafone Egypt as a beneficiary of its Mobile Broadband Charging (MBC) product, providing 10 million users with personalised data and on-demand subscriptions.

According to Ericsson, the system, which has already been deployed to Vodafone Egypt’s prepaid data users, will give customers the flexibility to utilise the best plan for their needs.

Vodafone Egypt said the system will soon be rolled out for postpaid subscribers, which will see the total subscriber base shoot to 10 million data users by 2014.

Abdelfarrah Mabrouk, Vodafone Egypt’s charging and mediation head, said Ericsson’s MBC will allow the operator to offer more innovative services and reach new data charging capabilities.

“We always aim to provide our customers with innovative services that are personalized. Ericsson’s MBC allows us to do that on a whole new level, and provides superior capabilities for data charging,” Mabrouk said.

“Mobile users do not want to be left without access to mobile data after they unknowingly reach their data limits. Ericsson’s innovative solution gives us the flexibility to offer consumers immediate top-ups without penalties.”

Ericsson said MBC allows users to customise their data usage plans in real time, with the product targeting 29 million active internet users in Egypt and millions others on the continent through potential mobile subscribers.

The solution also allows subscribers to choose whether to buy daily service packages and data plans or set up automatic bundle renewal upon depletion.

The solution also alerts users before the data is being depleted.

Anders Lindblad, president of Ericsson Middle East region, said the product will be most beneficial to smartphone users.

“Technology is now integrated into almost every aspect of our lives,” Lindblad said.

“In the transition to what we call the Networked Society, where everything is connected in real time, consumers are rapidly adopting smartphones and relying on them for everyday activities. MBC helps these subscribers to utilize data plans that suit their needs.”

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