Apple to roll-out low-cost iPhone for emerging markets

Reports suggest that Apple is developing a new low-cost iPhone for China and other emerging markets to be launched in the second half of this year, as the company looks to wrestle control of the smartphone market from Samsung.


Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes quotes supply-chain sources as saying the new iPhone will come with a larger display and a brand new exterior design.

HumanIPO reported this week that Apple looks set to fall further behind Samsung in worldwide sales of smartphones, with the tech giant now looking to build on the success of the iPad mini in China and other emerging markets by launching a similar product for the iPhone.

DigiTimes reports that Apple has gained confidence from Qualcomm’s recent launch of its latest family of Snapdragon chipsets, which have gained traction with those wishing to purchase entry-level and mid-range smartphones.

Apple may partner with China Mobile in order to launch a TD-version of the iPhone, boosting penetration in China.

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