Rethink Education launches online platform

Rethink Education launches online platform

South African education company Rethink Education has launched an online learning platform, supplying learning material for Grade 10, 11 and selected Grade 12 syllabuses.

Accessible from PCs, tablets and mobile phones, the platform offers updated material for teaching and learning for the promotion of understanding and engagement.

Apart from its online presence, the system is also being implemented in Johannesburg- and Cape Town-based schools such as Bishops and St Andrews Girls School.

The Rethink Education team has created an online learning platform for Grade 10, 11 and Matric IEB and NSC Science and Mathematics syllabus.

“Reading a textbook for Grade 10 to 12 pupils could be as easy as chatting on BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) or WhatsApp,” Douglas Hoernle, chief executive officer of Rethink, said.

He believes technology can change the South African educational landscape.

“As technology becomes more prolific within and beyond the traditional school classroom, education is experiencing a major shift globally, opening up a huge opportunity for South Africa,” Hoernle said.

The startup aims to get learners to engage more actively with technology by feeding into popular mediums among the youth such as mobile chat apps and other social communities for interactive learning.

“An average high school learner does not engage with technology like we all expect,” Hoernle said.

“If they use technology, they interact.”

He feels schools’ efforts to supply Wi-Fi and tablets to students are not helping students to bridge the gap of utilising technology as interactively aligning with the national curriculum.

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