US$20,000 up for grabs in online poverty fighting competition

ONE, a global advocacy organisation involved in fighting poverty and preventable diseases, has launched an online multimedia contest aimed at fighting poverty that will see 12 winners share US$20,000.

Dubbed Zoopa, the competition is open to participants from all over the world, and especially in Africa where poverty levels are among the highest globally.

Entrants will be required to develop a three-minute video or a print that will show rivals communities fighting poverty, famine and diseases by uniting. Participants will be judged on the creativity behind the submissions, the production value and whether the entry is compelling or engaging.

“The global movement dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty has brought together some strange bedfellows over the years,” said ONE’s chief marketing officer Jeff Davidoff. “This contest is a unique way to show that, when it comes to saving lives and making the world a better place, this is one thing that we can all agree on.”

Rebecca Rockafellar, senior vice president of e-commerce at Getty Images and general manager of iStockphoto said: “We’re proud to take part in the ‘ONE Thing We Agree On’ campaign because we are committed to elevating creative minds.”

According to Worldhunger.org, Africa alone has more than 250 million people who do not have a steady food supply with almost half living below poverty line. This is despite the fact that the world produces more than enough in agricultural products to feed everyone.

ONE partnered with iStockphoto, a popular web source for user-generated images and multimedia in launching the competition.

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