JKK IT Company Repositions Management And Internal Structures

The new General Managing Director (GMD) of IT company JKK has pledged to boost the implementation of networking, storage, e-business and service solutions across Nigeria and help thousands of entrepreneurs with their marketing.

In line with the company’s vision of delivering improved solutions and bespeaking information technology (IT) services to Nigerians, IT firm JKK has successfully repositioned its management and other internal structures.

Tunde Ayeni, Chairman of Skye Bank Plc, has been made the new Chairman while Lekan Yusuf is the new Group Managing Director (GMD).

Yusuf said: “To achieve this objective, we are adopting the Microsoft model, where we sign Memorandum of Understandings with young software developers, bring applications under JKK brand, repackage and then sell to business for the mutual benefits of JKK as a company and the original software designers. By doing this, we would be creating jobs, helping to develop young business as a way of giving back to the society.”

Furthermore JKK is actively involved in the development of bespoke applications that will aid the development of indigenous software. Subsequently, it will ensure Nigeria does not become vulnerable to foreigners who may gain access to classified information that is processed using foreign applications.

He also described the company’s current partnership with several major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“The third area we would be focusing on is to strengthen our partnership with major OEMs such as Oracle, IBM, NetApp, HP and several others by ensuring their JKK makes Nigeria become the hub for OEMs products and services in the West Africa. Currently, Nigeria is being put under South African and we are determined to change this trend,” he added.

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