Globacom Nigeria upgrades from TDM to GMPLS to improve corporate services delivery

Nigerian national network provider, Globacom, has completed the upgrade of its data infrastructure which they hope will provide easier, faster and more flexible data services.

Alcatel Lucent, an international telecommunications engineering firm, were contracted by Globacom to carry out the work on its Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) facility, transforming it into a fully integrated Generalised Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS).

With the successful upgrade, Glo’s capacity to provide seamless data services for its corporate clients has been enhanced.

Mohammed Jameel, the Group Chief Operating Officer of Globacom Nigeria, said fibre-optic cable vandalism will no longer affect the delivery of top quality services.

He said: “With this development, high uptime bandwidth is guaranteed for our corporate customers on leased lines and the recent completion of seven business locations in Nigeria has sufficiently enhanced our technological capacities to provide full range data interfaces.”

Another of the upgrades, Jameel said, is the integration of Globacom’s broadband. In addition, the network’s facilities have been shifted into a single node that has become empowered to provide high uptime for its corporate or enterprise customers.

It also guarantees quick fault recovery and a 40 percent slash in capital expenditure which according to Jameel, will be enjoyed by the telecommunications company’s corporate clients.

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