Government will not restrict social media in Nigeria – National Orientation Agency

The Director General (DG) of Nigeria’s National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mike Omeri, has revealed government has no plans to regulate or restrict the accessing and use of social media in Nigeria.

Speaking to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, Omeri said social media has become a lifestyle that has been extensively adopted by the people of Nigeria, government at all levels, the young demography and distinguished personalities.

“There is no plan at the moment to restrict the use of social media, but what the agency is doing is to encourage people to do the right thing, NOA cannot control the lifestyle of individual; that will become too excessive,” Omeri said.

HumanIPO reported on Wednesday the Kenyan government had announced anyone using social media to promote hate speech or incite violence in the run-up to the March general election would be jailed for three years.

To ensure that social media is put into good use in Nigeria, Omeri revealed the agency has perfected its plans to unveil a strategy that will ensure it is not used for criminal activities.

Omeri added: “The NOA at its level now in addition to sensitizing Nigerians in allowing themselves to become, susceptible to criminal and other deviant behavior on social media, is planning to engage media practitioners to discuss its role in the social development of the country through the use of social media.

“We will ensure that our people do not fall victim of what should otherwise be a source of news, information and entertainment,” he said.

According to him, good purposes that social media could be used for include educational purposes and social networking that do not offer dangers.

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