Nigeria’s largest opposition party demands electronic voting in 2015

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has declared the time is right for Nigeria to adopt an electronic voting system to guarantee the integrity of future elections.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, National Public Secretary of the party which controls the South West region of the country, including the country’s commercial capital city of Lagos, said: “For the time being, the National Assembly should move quickly to amend that part of the law, while the Federal Government should provide the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) with all resources needed to make electronic voting a reality.”

According to him, apart from ensuring transparent elections, electronic voting system will also reduce the overall cost of elections, stabilise the polity and de-emphasise the involvement of security agencies.

He also directed attention to the constitutional provision on the matter in Section 52 sub-section two, of the Electoral Acts which outlaws electronic voting and called for swift action in reviewing the law.

He also assured the INEC of the political party’s commitment to the use of electronic voting in 2015 and encouraged other political parties and stakeholders to join in the drive for system.

He added: “We assure INEC of our full support towards using electronic voting in 2015. We also appeal to all other political parties, Civil Society Organisations and indeed all Nigerians to join us in pushing for a system that will eliminate the role of thugs and sideline vote thieves during our elections, in addition to making our elections free, fair and credible.

“While electronic voting is not a magic wand, it is the surest way yet for Nigeria to join the league of countries that have wiped out electoral fraud, which is the worst form of corruption.”

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