Kenya hosts second Africa Internet Governance Forum

Kenya hosts second Africa Internet Governance Forum

TESPOK Kenya has announced the East African country will be hosting the second African Internet Governance Forum (AFIGF) at the Multimedia University, in Nairobi, beginning today (Tuesday).

The event, TESPOK said, will offer a good opportunity for internet stakeholders in Africa to discuss issues affecting the internet and the way forward.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a United Nations-led activity initiated in 2006 as a global platform for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on prevailing and emerging issues on internet governance in order to foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability, and development of the internet.

AFIGF aims to be a platform for an inclusive multilateral, multi-stakeholder and multilingual discussion on issues pertinent to the internet in Africa in general and Internet Governance issues in particular.

It also seeks to increase awareness and build capacity on internet governance for African users to ensure all stakeholders are well prepared for contribution and interaction and to ensure the concerns of Africa are taken into account in the IGF process.

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