African-made smartphones to go on sale in 190 countries globally

African electronics manufacturer Limitless Electronics has said it will launch its African-made smartphones and tablets across 190 countries globally, with India as the first target market.

Limitless Electronics successfully released the Mind tablet across western and southern Africa over a year ago, and is now targeting the international market with its other high-end products such as the Re|act and Fleet brands of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

“Re|act phones and tablets have high-end finishes and are ideally suited to fit in purses and suit pockets. They are lightweight in design yet a heavyweight in technological innovation,” Tony Smith, chief executive officer of Limitless, told The Mobile Indian.

He added that each phone and tablet is powerful enough to meet various work needs including emails to documents and presentations, and comes with inbuilt entertainment apps such as Grooveshark and Crackles.

“The Fleet brand devices are designed for advanced durability to provide long lasting and reliable performance in all types of conditions. Many Fleet devices are outfitted with technology and hardware that offer military-grade protection against exposure to water, wind, dust, shock, and more,” Smith added.

The products will run on Android, although Limitless will offer its users the ability to custom-select their operating systems such as Ubuntu and Firefox.
Limitless will launch in India by March this year and will be taking pre-orders for its products from next month.

It is reported that Africa is the second largest manufacturing continent after Asia, and companies like Limitless continue to put the continent into the international limelight.

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