Sudan loses internet connectivity

Sudan loses internet connectivity

The government of Sudan is suspected to have cut off internet access for its citizens amid protests over fuel subsidies and activist organisation on social media.

Connectivity appeared to dip in the East African country at around 10.30am UTC yesterday (Wednesday), before dropping to zero just before 1pm UTC.

Although the government has not been explicitly accused of causing the internet blackout, Doug Madory, of internet monitoring firm Renesys, told the Guardian there were indications it had been involved.

“From the connectivity data alone, we cannot tell whether the blackout is government directed.” Madory said.

“However, it is either a coincidental catastrophic failure of all three independent internet providers and their connections out of Sudan, including a terrestrial link into Egypt – unlikely given its not just a single connection – or some centrally directed, government action.”

Protests over the lifting of fuel subsidies have been ongoing for three days, beginning in the capital Khartoum, and Reuters has reported the use teargas by the authorities.

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