Exset and Digital Telemedia work together for African digital pay-TV roll out

Broadcasting solutions company Exset and Digital Telemedia (DTM) have collaborated as Digital Monetisation System (DMS) partners as they prepare to launch products in Africa to ease the progression towards digital pay TV.

“DTM’s management vision, global presence and ability to address customers need in the context of Indian and African digitisation was a defining factor in this cooperation,” said Gary Ellis, Chief Technical Officer at Exset.

All African countries have committed to completing the digital migration by June 2015, after signing up to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Geneva 06 Agreement.

The issue of set-top-boxes in some countries, including Kenya where the Consumer Federation believe they are too expensive and South Africa which is engulfed in a legal battle over their supply and management, has hindered efforts to meet the deadline.

DTM is set on providing MPEG-4 set-top-boxes for digital cables in South Asia, which will also making use of Exset platforms. These boxes are then eligible for the employment of Exset DMS in other upcoming markets, of which Africa and India are most prominent.

DMS will allow revenue to be created from the supply of information and entertainment to consumers and enable governments to empower residents with these services through the digital switchover.

“The DTM set-top boxes that are designed and implemented for DMS will be a game-changer globally. We’re very pleased to be able to jointly offer high-value STB’s across emerging markets,” Huang Wie, Director of International Sales at DTM said.

Wie added the company is very excited about the possibilities the digital era brings for both the provider and the population.

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