StartupBus Africa turns to crowdfunding on Indiegogo

StartupBus Africa turns to crowdfunding on Indiegogo

StartupBus Africa has launched a campaign on international crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to gain funds for its upcoming trip between South Africa and Zimbabwe in November.

HumanIPO reported earlier this month on the StartupBus trip taking place in Africa for the first time in November this year.

Indiegogo was selected for its international renowned crowdfunding platform as “probably the best crowdfunding platform for social good”, StartupBus mentor Stuart Minnaar told HumanIPO.

The campaign has raised EUR807 (US$1,090) so far, but aims to hit its EUR10,000 (US$13,500) target within the next 18 days.

StartupBus Africa will receive whatever amount they raise, even it they do not hit their desired target.

“We will reach about half through Indiegogo and the other half through the corporate sponsors that we have approached,” Minnaar said.

With applications amounting to 52 at present stage, the selection process of African entrepreneurs to hop on the bus will be finalised by October 21.

The funds will subsidise the 32 African participants on the bus.

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