ICASA issues new regulations on devices

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has published new draft regulations aiming to “address the approval and certification of electronic communications equipment in the country”.

The Draft Type Approval and the Draft Labelling Regulations are available for public comment until February 15.

Under the new type approval regulations, all electronic communications equipment will be required to be certified, while the new draft labelling regulations state that equipment must bear an ICASA label.

ICASA said they were looking to establish a non-discriminatory and transparent framework for certification.

The new regulations were published “in the light of the marked increase in the supply and demand of electronic communications equipment, and that some of the electronic communications equipment is being sold, leased and/or used by consumers without the necessary type approval and certification by the authority”.

The regulator said equipment that is not type-approved can cause network interference, claiming: “Non-type approved equipment can also be unsafe for use by the general public.”

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