Research agency predicts boom in mobile, online display and social media

Global research agency Millward Brown has revealed its latest top ten digital and media predictions including how using “mobile as remote” will become the “brains” of utilities.

The Millward Brown’s Futures Group added that “omnichannel” marketing will assist brands in building upon meaningful moments of engagement and said social TV will record growth and become actively involved in the narrative.

Revealing the predictions, Millward Brown’s Global Brand Director for Digital, DuncanSouthgate, said in 2013, the agency is foreseeing yet another dynamic year in online display, mobile and social media.

“Consumers have ever higher expectations of intelligent digital advertising approaches, and marketers will need to deliver more sophisticated campaigns to keep pace with what works.

“With increased power and capabilities, our mobile devices become the remote controls of our lives allowing not only active control of electronics, but seamless integration of the world around us. The new functionality of our mobile “remotes” utilizes advanced technology to simplify our lives. Anything that needs a processor to operate can use a smartphone as the ‘brains’.

“Brands need to start developing communication plans that adapt to this world. With mobile as the hub, information gathering becomes more centralised as consumers’ trade personal information for convenience and access to events, offers and premium content.”

Concerning the omnichannel, he said the portal allows brands to meet their target customers at their behavioral paths.

“Omnichannel marketing is about being present or available across the consumer’s behavioural path: each potential contact point integrated with all others. The digital arena will represent the first stage of more brands adopting an omnichannel mindset as social and mobile data sources are blended with offline brand experiences.”

Concerning the fate of omnichannel in 2013, the director said companies will utilize current datasets as active targeting search engines.

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