Google acquires gestures startup Flutter

Google acquires gestures startup Flutter


Google has bought San Francisco-based startup Flutter, which uses webcams to detect hand signals and uses gestures to control various apps including iTunes and Netflix.

“Today, we are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our research at Google,” said Navneet Dalal, a co-founder of Flutter and a former employee of Google.


“We share Google’s passion for 10x thinking, and we’re excited to add their rocket fuel to our journey.”


Following the acquisition, there has been speculation the search giant will include the technology on its next gadgets including the Chromebook laptops and Nexus devices.

A number of Google competitors, especially in the gaming arena, have already utilised this technology including Nintendo and Microsoft.

Samsung is using the technology in its S4 device to pick up calls, scroll web pages and control music while various smart television sets are utilising the gesture recognition technology.

Richard Picking, of Glyndwr University, told the BBC it still remains unclear whether the technology will become mainstream.

“The more interface styles we can develop the better, but whether gesture recognition becomes the norm depends on how well it can be personalised and whether people embrace it,” Picking said.

Picking said the technology will however become useful especially for people with disabilities and for older people using smartphones.

“We’d like to extend a special thank you to all of our users; your feedback and evangelism inspire us every day,” a Flutter statement said.

“Flutter users will be able to continue to use the app, and stay tuned for future updates.”


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