Mobixell introduces video optimisation tool for LTE services

Mobixell, a mobile optimisation platform, has unveiled a video optimisation tool that blends with LTE wireless network services.

Mobixell, which has operations in South Africa, claims it is the first to come up with this solution.The company said: “This type of solution will mean that, as mobile operators deploy new LTE sites, the deployments can include resource-saving, quality-enhancing data caching and optimisation without adding any additional hardware in the access network.”

Using the new tool, companies looking to expand their video services to LTE gadgets would not have to invest in new infrastructure.

Patrick Lopez, CEO of Core Analysis, a leading analyst in mobile OTT video, commented that RAN-based video optimization is an interesting development by Mobixell in the wake of LTE rollouts.

“By bringing optimisation and caching out to the access network, operators can better target a significant cause of data congestion and potentially degraded customer experience. These are problems that will continue to demand solutions even as LTE becomes commonplace,” he said.

Most of African telecoms are contemplating the deployment of 4G/LTE services, with some having already implemented them.

What Mobixell brings to the table is the ability to have video services that are optimised for various devices across the board. With LTE, the idea of more data consumption is a reality with higher speed Internets, meaning more content access.

“In fact, LTE is more likely to increase congestion on mobile networks,” explained Yehuda Elmaliach, CTO of Mobixell. “As mobile subscribers discover how fast they can stream video with LTE, they will want to consume more and more mobile bandwidth.”

This expectation is supported by data from a major mobile operator, who recently reported that the 12 percent of their subscriber base that has adopted LTE are already using 35 percent of the network’s bandwidth.

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