AfricaHackTrip to visit four African countries

A group of tech-interested developers from abroad, AfricaHackTrip, have scheduled a trip to Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania for October 2013.

“For us it’s more about exploring the communities and seeing what’s happening and what’s the state of the technology,” Martynus Gregor, founder of AfricaHackTrip, told HumanIPO in an exclusive interview.

The group is made up designers and developers from Europe and the United States, who were motivated to head to Africa after reading about the number tech hubs springing up.

Currently in the process of reaching out to contacts, the team plans to see for themselves what the situation in each of the four destinations: Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali and Dar es Salaam is.

About the planning of the trip, Gregor explained they have “no perfect plan, no huge expectations” and want to leave “more room to serendipity”.

The focus will be on connecting with local developers and startups.

They are also considering hosting a few events, like conferences, hackathons and networking events.

Although the team of eight to twelve members are willing to fund themselves, they are on the lookout for sponsorship which will enable them to do more.

Through a blog and video clips, the experience will be shared on the web through the site or Twitter feed.

Martynus is the developer of Minutes io, an application for taking and sending meeting minutes.

He started the AfricaHackTrip initiative outside of his main occupation, after acquiring the interest of technological development in Africa.

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