Social media can greatly influence political campaigns – expert

Social media experts need to partner with other professionals to ensure credible leaders are elected to office according to the Chief Executive of FCO Limited in Nigeria.

Speaking to HumanIPO in Lagos, Chike Maduegbuna, whose company runs football website FansConnectOnline and African movie application Afrinolly, said without good leadership, the nation will not grow much and will be going in circles. He also shared his company’s pro bono social media project for the Buhari/Bakare Presidential Campaign.

“We saw them as a good team, credible, and we’ve always felt that Nigeria’s major problem is corruption which is not something you approach with kid gloves. It entails people who are passionately opposed to it to stop it,” he said.

The challenge the campaign had was that it was unable to connect with the young demography.

“Most people perceived Buhari then as only appealing to the old generation. They didn’t have a way of connecting to those between ages 18 and 35 because their campaign wasn’t doing anything on social media so we decided to shut down all of our ongoing projects then and picked up the responsibility,” the techpreneur said.

He added that to ensure that African nations get quality leaders, all hands must be on deck.

“The truth of the matter is until people start to harness their strengths and capabilities in this country, the right people may not emerge because politics is a very expensive business.

“If people have to go and borrow money from the wrong people to win elections, you don&ssquo;t expect them to turn their backs on the sponsors when they get to such political positions. If we want good governance, we all have to play one role or the other,” he said.

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