Ultrasound chip offers gesture control

Ultrasound chip offers gesture control

Norwegian startup Elliptic Labs is working with Asian handset manufacturers to enable control of devices, mobiles and tablets by gesture.

The BBC reports the device will have an ultrasound chip installed that will use sound waves to interpret hand movements to follow the increase of similar gadgets in the market.

Elliptic’s gesture control system is different however, from already existing devices having a wider field of use of up to a metre away from the phone giving it more credit to accurately identify mid-air gestures.

The sensor consumes less power and works in the dark. It uses sound unlike many that use sight to identify the gestures from a 180-degree field.

“The user needs to learn the exact spot to gesture to instead of having a large interactive space around the device,” said Erik Forsstrom, the user interface designer for Elliptic Labs. “With the small screen such as a phone or tablet, the normal body language is not that precise you need a large zone in which to gesture.”

The technology was showcased at Japanese tech shows Ceatec using an Android smartphone housed in a case containing the ultrasound transmitters.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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