Orange and MFS Africa extend International money transfer in Mali

Mobile network operator Orange and MFS Africa, a major African mobile wallets solutions firm, yesterday announced the extension of the Orange Money Transfer International (OMTI) service to Mali.

The two said the OMTI rollout in Mali will allow their customers in the country to receive international remittances directly to their Orange Money accounts.

With MFS Africa as the technology provider and operational partner of the service, OMTI will allow friends and relatives of those living in Diaspora to send money to their people living in Mali, by simply registering on Orangemoneyonline.com.

“Orange Money Transfer International now makes it easier and faster for Malians abroad to send money to their relatives in Mali, and at lower rates,” Jean-Luc Bohé, CEO of Orange Mali, Said, adding that Orange has developed a wide network of over 1,000 agents throughout Mali to facilitate the withdrawal of money for Orange Money customers.

According to Dare Okoudjou, chief executive officer of MFS Africa, the extension of the service to Mali, several months ahead of schedule, proves that simple, convenient and affordable money transfer services meet a real and urgent need.

“We look forward to transforming day to day life in Mali by introducing simple and relevant financial services such as international money transfer,” he said.

OMTI will allow its users to pay with major bank cards, including VISA and MasterCard. The service is real-time, and the funds are deposited directly into the beneficiary’s mobile phone, even if they are not registered for the Orange Money service. In such a case, Orange Mali contacts the recipient and registers them onto the service for them to receive the cash.

With the launch of the service, over 8 million of Orange subscribers stand to benefit.

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