SA Afrihost upgrading its ADSL network

Afrihost, a South African Internet solutions company, has begun upgrading its Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) network with new IPConnect (IPC) nodes.

Afrihost said: “We are due to install new IPC’s in Cape Town and in Durban. Telkom have committed that this additional capacity will be installed by no later [than] the 25th February.

“Until the new IPC is live, we will also be revising our QoS (Quality of Service) system to give the best overall experience, particularly with regard to HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) downloads, to allow for higher priority for these vital services.”

Afrihost said their national network infrastructure upgrades are nearing completion. The Johannesburg to Cape Town link has already been upgraded to a 10GB per second link while the Johannesburg to Durban link should be completed soon.

The EASSy (East African Submarine Cable) has been implemented and may be live as soon as this week sometime.

“We will be looking at every available solution to deliver the best possible service, and to alleviate any issues experienced by uncapped users, until the additional IPC goes live. We will inform all of our clients of any new developments, or as we achieve each milestone in the process,” said Afrihost.

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