High proportion of enterprise data leaks from mobile devices, reports Kaspersky

A new report by Kaspersky Labs titled “Kaspersky Global IT Security Risks Survey Report” has revealed a high proportion of data leaks come from mobile devices.

Twenty-three percent of respondents identified the loss of data and 15 percent the theft of a mobile as being responsible for data breaches.

According to the B2B International survey customer information as well as financial data, both at 36 percent, are lost most often, followed closely by employee data – lost or stolen in 31 percent of cases.

Petr Merkulov, Chief Product Officer at Kaspersky Lab, noted the range of cyber-threats leading to data loss illustrates how important it is for every company to realise the necessity of multi-level protection.

He said: “An effective corporate security solution must protect against both external and internal threats using the right tools for the job – anti-malware technologies, corporate security policies, data leakage prevention methods, control tools and many other features.”

Not all data loss is as a result of hackers or employees intentionally leaking it. The report reveals that in 13 percent of cases important information fell into the wrong hands due to negligence, for example sending messages to the wrong email address.

The survey was conducted amongst 3,300 IT specialists in 22 countries in conjunction with Kaspersky Lab.

The full version of the report is available here.

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