Airtel Gabon penalised for under-reporting

Gabon’s telecoms regulator, Autorité de Régulation des Communications électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP), has fined Airtel for its failure to report the complete number of international calls made on its network.

Airtel was fined an undisclosed amount after ARCEP claimed they under-reported three-quarters of its international call traffic on their network June, last year.

This was considered as a move to implement regulation properly in the country. Airtel’s under-reporting was revealed through the results of audits conducted during August and September.

ARCED said, in addition to the underreporting, they found Airtel contravened the tariffs set by the regulator based on World Bank orders through their own on-net tariffs.

Airtel has not yet issued an official statement regarding the fine, but since the company has experienced an increase in its subscriber base due to new services being introduced, it  is unlikely to be severely affected by the fine.

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