Tanzania’s judicial system set to go digital

Tanzania’s judicial system set to go digital

The judicial system in Tanzania is planning to deploy the use of ICT in all its operations in a bid to increase transparency, allowing people access to court proceedings and other necessary information.

Currently the commercial division of the High Court in the country is using ICT to provide information to the community, but the same has not been extended to other departments.

The Daily News reports John Kayoza, senior deputy registrar at the High Court, said: “We cannot avoid using ICT as it will facilitate easy handling of court records which will minimise incidents of lost files.”

Kayoza said previous laws that restricted court records from being preserved electronically are currently being reviewed so as to accommodate the use of computers.

Tanzanians will now be able to access a copy of a judgement through the court’s website.

Information desks will also be established at various courts to make it easier for people to access information they require.

“The judiciary is also carrying out improvements in registries with the processing and entering of important records already being done using computers,” said Kayoza.

He said courts are still using the old methods due to poor infrastructure to support ICT facilities.

The judiciary is preparing a system which they expect will be ready before the end of the year to allow them to share crucial information with the public.


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