Phase3 Telecom to provide high-speed broadband for Nigerian rural schools

Phase3 Telecom, a Nigerian aerial fibre infrastructure company, will provide high-speed broadband connectivity via its Open Access Network to schools in rural parts of Nigeria.

Stanley Jegede, Chief Executive of Phase3, said the project will allow schools to further utilise ICT.

The company already supports education in Nigeria with the provision of broadband connectivity in several primary, secondary, and tertiary schools in Nigeria. The latest installation was Wi-Fi connectivity at Baze University, Abuja.

He said: “The ability for the Nigerian student to go beyond the knowledge of their teachers through research via eBooks and eLibrary is the cultural shift that takes education from the conventional platform of lecture and teacher-focused education to a more open collaborative approach that reaches beyond school hours, beyond classroom walls and between geographically dispersed locations.

“The eLearning techniques mostly adopted by a majority of Nigerian institutions today are in form of prepared lectures on a CD-ROM that can be uploaded and played when needed. This has limited advantages. One major disadvantage of this technique is that students are deprived of the rich and diverse information that can be sourced from a reliable broadband connection.”

Phase3 Telecom provides reliable broadband services to large and small business enterprises via Optic Fibre cables deployed over high voltage power lines.

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