South Africa’s Hydrox Holdings’ hydrogen breakthrough

Hydrox Holdings claims to have invented a technology which could change the way hydrogen is produced and how automobiles are run.

Speaking to HumanIPO, Corrie de Jager, an attorney with Hydrox Holdings, said his company has discovered a way of producing hydrogen that will “change the world” and revolutionise the industry.

At present the separation of oxygen and hydrogen involves alkaline electrolysers, which make use of a membrane between two electrodes in order to keep the gases apart.

Hydrox Holdings have found a way in which to eliminate the membrane altogether, which results in less resistance due to electrodes being closer together.

“There is still a lot of development work to be done, but we’ve proven the concept now and this is what is so exciting… Everyone has been chasing how to improve the membrane, but we got rid of it, there’s no membrane at all and suddenly there’s a new method of making hydrogen,” said de Jager.

The development of this revolutionary hydrogen producing technology began 13 years ago with the idea of running automobiles on water, but the company representing it, Hydrox Holdings, was established a few years after.

The development and the company itself has relied on private funding.

After experiments, Hydrox Holdings now has a patented prototype, which it hopes to present to a company or investors that will be able to take the project to the world.

de Jager added: “What we have got to do now is commercialise it… and that’s why we’ve decided to get some publicity on it, to ignite some interest so that we can at least tie up with a big company.

“We don’t want to sell the technology, we don’t want money, we want somebody to take it forward and take it to its ultimate.”

The unit itself is constructed from stainless steel, which de Jager said will cause manufacturing costs to be inexpensive.

“Our whole idea is: if you can have a solar panel on top of your roof, you can have a little (hydrogen producing) unit the size of a small fridge and you can make your own hydrogen at home,” said de Jager.

Contrary to the current methods of burning fossil fuels to propel cars, de Jager said fuel in the form of hydrogen will eliminate Co2 emissions as well as noise levels.

There have been a number of “very clever guys” involved, but the main brainstormers include de Jager himself, his brother Piet, “electrical expert” George Anagnostopoulos and Martin Pols.

“This can be one of the greatest inventions affecting everybody’s lives. So we believe this is a breakthrough everybody’s been looking for because cheap hydrogen is a quest,” said de Jager.

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