BlackBerry 10 sneak preview, key questions answered

With a few days to go before the “great reveal” by Research In Motion (RIM) of the latest BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the Canadian manufacturer has answer a few questions regarding the imminent unveiling.

With anticipation growing, one of the BlackBerry online community managers, Melanie, has given a “sneak preview” by answering key questions which will give everyone an idea of what to expect.

Most users seem to be concerned with “how user-friendly” BB10 will be. Melanie did her best to allay any fears and said the smartphones are user-friendly and come with “so many features that make using your smartphone easier; BlackBerry Hub and the peek feature are my new best friends”.

The next question was about which feature will be a favourite for most users. Melanie cites “BlackBerry Balance” as a feature that “allows you to use your BlackBerry 10 device for both (mobile techies and beginners). It’s a smartphone you (and your IT manager) will love.”

Despite all the images of the BlackBerry 10 smartphones displaying all-touch screen phones, Melanie points out BlackBerry fans need not despair because BB10 smartphones with a physical keyboard, as the majority of BlackBerry users have become accustomed to, will also be available.

The bulk of RIM’s future rests on the market and consumer response to the BB10 handsets being launched worldwide on January 30.

Many experts and analysts believe the response in the coming months’ following the launch will determine whether RIM continues to suffer financial losses or recovers.

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