65% of firms fear cyber attacks in 2013

A new survey has shown that some 65 percent of companies across the globe fear cyber attacks in 2013, with even more considering the Internet as a gateway or malicious attacks.

“The Horizon Scan 2013 Survey” by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) shows that 71 percent of firms believe the Internet is a threat to business.

The report also states that there needs to be a better understanding of the threat and underlying issues that drive vulnerability in companies.

“This latest report shows that businesses need to be more prepared than ever for every type of risk,” said Gary Robinson, Commercial Director, BSI Canada. “The top five threats highlight that the digital age is continuing to bring new challenges to organizations around the world. In order to counter this, cyber resilience must become part of an organization’s wider business resilience strategy.”

“For the first time, we see a study that brings together short-term threats with the underlying trends that drive disruption. This provides business managers with both an immediate term focus and insight into the longer term needs for capability development,” said Lyndon Bird FBCI, technical director of the Business Continuity Institute.

The reported concluded that there is concern over the growing number of cyber attacks and companies should make efforts to ensure their documents and systems are safe. It compiled respondents from 730 organisations in 62 countries, including Egypt and South Africa.

African countries have been plunged into the cybercrime arena way ahead of appropriate technology thanks to fast Internet connections. Last year, the Kenyan Ministry of Information and Communication announced a radical plan of rolling out digital identity for Internet users in a bid to stem the rising cases of cyber crime.

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