FNB includes Share Investing on banking application

FNB includes Share Investing on banking application

First National Bank (FNB) has launched “Share Investing” on its banking application, and will be available on the latest version of the application designed for tablets and smartphones.

Share Investing on the banking application was designed with full trading functionality, which enables customers to buy, sell and keep records of their investments.

“Existing customers of both the banking app and Share Investing are very similar and it makes sense to develop the new version of the banking app to include the Share Investing functionality that is not only easy to use, but also fun to play with,” said Giuseppe Virgillito, head of the banking app and FNB mobile and connect.

“The development of our app is based on customer demand and our goal is to maintain a comprehensive and simple way of banking. The fast paced nature of share trading means that there is a clear need for anytime access to this platform and we believe that the mobility and real-time access of apps compliments this.”

In order to use Share Investing, customers must either download the banking application or upgrade their existing version to the latest edition via the application store appropriate to their device.

The new Share Investing on the banking app is available for iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones, and has now been made available for Windows 8 tablets.

In addition to keeping records of investments, Share Investing enables customers to see an overview of shares and Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) information. They are now also able to view market indicators to assist them in making informed decisions regarding trading shares.

The trading functionality allows customers to buy and sell Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed shares, Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs) and Krugerrands, from anywhere at anytime.

The banking application’s new functionality also provides a comprehensive outline of the market performance of a particular product.

“FNB Share Investing is no stranger to innovation. Since 2011, FNB has been the only bank to provide customers online access to Krugerrands and more recently with the launch of Share Saver, FNB provides customers access to the top 100 JSE listed shares…, which is the cheapest way to access the JSE and is only available from FNB,” said Gusta Binikos, chief executive officer (CEO) of FNB Share Investing.

According to Virgillito, FNB’s Share investing as well as the bank’s mobile and connect serve similar demographic markets.

“90 per cent of Share Investing customers trade online and a further 60 per cent of these customers have access to a smart device, an overlap which necessitated the need for Share Investing on the FNB Banking app,” said Virgillito.

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