Microsoft, Kenya Red Cross hold ICT seminar for NGO’s

Microsoft, Kenya Red Cross hold ICT seminar for NGO’s

Microsoft, in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross, hosted the sixth NGO Connection day with the theme ‘youth, technology empowerment through NGO’s’ today.

According to the two organisations, the NGO Connect Day enables the introduction of future technologies to foster and support digital inclusion and increase productivity within the non governmental organizations in order to serve their communities better.

During the event, NGOs receive training on how they can nurture the youth ICT talent through policies and programmes instead of outsourcing similar services as talented youth remain jobless.

Microsoft says youth empowerment is an essential driving factor in sustaining development and NGOs, together with their partners, can help introduce and create programs for the youth that can benefit the entire society.

“NGOs together with their different partners can introduce IT Training for their youth programs and encourage the larger community to assimilate such technologies into their daily lives,” read a statement from Microsoft.

“This will also oversee how such activities can be promoted and marketed through different channels, thereby help to absorb the youth into their systems by involving them through volunteer programs.”

Microsoft, which says it has been working with more than 50,000 NGOs profits annually through provision of software and other technology solutions, adds that technology can be used by NGOs to better achieve their missions and accelerate their impact.

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