iPhone 5 supply concerns “evaporate” in SA amid BB10 anticipation

Major suppliers are reportedly fully stocked with iPhone 5s despite its launch on December 15 last year being Apple’s most high-profile yet.

Writing for the Mail & Guardian, technology expert Arthur Goldstuck, also Founder and Managing Director of World Wide Worx, said the early concerns of supply had “evaporated” and was possibly explained by the imminent launch of the new BlackBerry 10 devices later today.

Goldstuck said: “While there are indications that the initial shortage may have been artificially created by networks, it is also significant that the logjams have been removed on the eve of the launch of BlackBerry 10. The two initial BlackBerry 10 devices due to be announced today are likely to be aimed at the same segment of the market as the iPhone 5.”

iStore has confirmed there are no supply issues of the iPhone 5, which is available on cash, contract and through First National Bank’s (FNB) no-interest financing deal.

MTN and Vodacom both confirmed to the Mail & Guardian they were fully stocked with the iPhone 5, while independent mobile retailer Cellucity said it had now cleared its previously 1,500-strong waiting list.

The BlackBerry 10 smartphones will be launched in Johannesburg, simultaneously with other events around the world, this afternoon (January 30).

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