Anonymous SA denies GhostShell hackers link

Hacking group Anonymous South Africa has denied any alliance with Team GhostShell, the group who yesterday posted online private information from companies and universities in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Algeria.

GhostShell, who exposed the data as part of its “ProjectSunRise” campaign, had claimed “ … it was decided that a new Anonymous branch needs to be created to enforce the peoples [sic] will in [South Africa] and form an open bond with the rest of the world, just so that anyone can know at all times the current events that happen there”.

But Anonymous has since stated: “We condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms … as we believe they serve little purpose to the cause and ethos we are sworn to.”

In a video released to media outlets, Anonymous South Africa said it was opposed to the publication of information belonging to private individuals, as Team GhostShell had done.

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