Poll: Only one in eight would consider a BB10

A poll by mobile app developer Bite Interactive has found that only 13 percent of people would consider buying the new BlackBerry 10, which was released yesterday.

Though 47 percent of consumers were at least intrigued by some features on the new phone, only one percent have plans to purchase one immediately.

Half of those polled said they would definitely not purchase a BlackBerry 10, with a quarter unlikely to buy one.

Though consumers were impressed by the time-shifting camera and new predictive keyboard, Bite Interactive said the manufacturer faced a challenge in catching up with the likes of Android and Apple in terms of apps.

“The key chink in RIM’s armor remains its apps ecosystem,” Joseph Farrell, executive vice president for operations, said in a statement. “RIM [now BlackBerry] has made great efforts to catch up with iOS and Android in this regard, but it, like Microsoft, is likely to find this far easier said than done. A lot of eyes will be on the new BlackBerry World from day one, as its success is pivotal to that of the BB10 devices as viable mainstream consumer handsets.

“RIM’s challenge is compounded by the fact that Google and Apple have already built up huge mobile user bases who, for the most part, have invested lots of time and money learning and using their platform of choice.

“To switch to any new platform, even between the two, means a new investment of time and resources that many do not wish to spend, let alone taking a perceived risk on the new BB10 platform, no matter how impressive some of the new technology is.”

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