iOS 6.1 adoption set to be fastest yet

Adoption of the freshly released iOS 6.1 is set to be the fastest yet, with 22 percent of users upgrading within the first 36 hours of release, says Onswipe.

The web-content firm – which collects data from some 13 million iOS users – saw rapid uptake of the new system following its launch on Monday, leading the firm to predict that the conversion to iOS 6.1 will be the fastest to date, reports TechCrunch.

Within the first 24 hours of the release, 11.35 per cent of users had already changed to iOS 6.1, with 21.81 percent having upgraded by the time 36 hours had elapsed.

On a device-specific level, Onswipe reports 23.92 percent of iPhone users had adopted the new system within 36 hours, while 20.9 percent of iPad users had switched.

These adoption rates are compared to the iOS 6 update in September of last year, when it took in excess of a week for 44.58 per cent of users to make the change.

According to Jason Baptiste, chief executive officer of Onswipe, the quicker uptake is attributable to users’ increased confidence in the over-the-air update system that Apple commenced in 2011 with the release of iOS 5.

The key importance of widespread adoption of the latest operating system lies in the fact that it facilitates the work of developers. With users running the same system, developers can ensure that platforms and apps provide the same user experience for everyone, as opposed to the fragmentation caused when users run a variety of systems.

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