Infrastructure companies will accelerate deployment of broadband in Nigeria – NCC

Infrastructure companies will accelerate deployment of broadband in Nigeria – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has made the case for the setting up and licensing of infrastructure companies (InfraCos), in a bid to accelerate deployment of of the National Broadband Network (NBN) Deployment plan.

In a statement posted on its website, the NCC said InfraCos would provide intercity fibre and would include those providing metro fibre.

Under the initiative, geographically-focused InfraCos will provide wholesale bandwidth services on “a non-discriminatory, open access, price regulated basis”.

“The objective of this initiative is to stimulate a new national broadband network that is not only more widespread, but also faster and more secure than what is available today, thereby stimulating other sectors of the economy and leading to higher economic spinoffs for Nigeria,” the NCC said.

“In addition, it will offer efficient connectivity as well as ultra high-speed broadband services that is available, affordable and sustainable.”

According to the document entitled “Open Access Next Generation Fibre Optics Broadband Network Industry Consultation Paper November 2013,”  InfraCos will also deploy metropolitan fibre and provide transmission services which would be available at access points (Fibre to the Node or Neighborhood – FTTN) to access seekers, leverage existing inter-city fibre to deploy their services.

It said: “The proposed structure allows existing players to operate on the basis of business-as-usual, with the option of transferring/leasing their inter-city and existing metropolitan fibre infrastructure to the InfraCos.”

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