Ugandan MPs seek answers on digital migration

Ugandan MPs seek answers on digital migration

The Uganda Communications Commision (UCC) and Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) bosses have been summoned to parliament by house members for an update on the progress of digital migration.

Every African country is committed to completing the switch-over from analogue to digital by June 2015, but to date only Mauritius has completed the migration process.

The two parties are expected to be quizzed on Monday, November 18, to explain why the roll out has been slow and unlikely to meet the self-imposed deadline of next year.

“This involves a lot of money and yet it appears that not much has been done despite the deadline being around the corner,” the Observer reports one member of the  ICT Committee saying, who did not want to be names.

The migration is meant to improve broadcast quality and ease congestion, while freeing up more spectrum and infrastructure to improve and widen mobile coverage.

This committee fears however this will not happen soon enough.

Fred Otunnu, spokesman for the UCC, however said: “Phase one has been completed and what I know is that we shall not be caught by deadlines as set – national and international.”


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