Nigeria training civil servants in ICT

Nigeria training civil servants in ICT

The Nigerian government has launched an ICT training course for civil servants, calling upon them to develop their ICT skills and utilise technology to enhance the quality and efficiency of their work.

Opening the ICT Proficiency Training Programme organised for civil servants by the office of the head of the civil service of the federation (HOSF), Henry Apkan, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, speaking on behalf of the HOSF Alhaji Goni Aji, said the global shift in governmental administration from manual to technological means Nigerian civil servants must also begin this transition to a “paperless environment”.

Apkan called on civil servants to improve their ICT skills, in order to ensure that the Nigerian public is provided with services which are “high quality, timely and professional”.

“Many government operations… are now being conducted through online interactions with the public, and in the Federal Civil Service, all efforts are being made to ensure that officers are trained to make them compliant with this new ways of transacting government business,” HOSF said in a statement.

It is the intention of the HOSF that the training programme launched will ensure all civil servants – irrespective of their level of responsibility – are able to transition to providing an ICT proficient service to the public in the shortest timeframe possible.

The programme aims to ensure that civil servants will be able to apply their acquired ICT skills in their daily work tasks.

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