Apple blocks newest version of Java

Apple has blocked the newest version of Oracle’s Java software for Mac users after the United States Department of Homeland Security recommended uninstalling it until solutions are provided to malicious software posing as a Java patch.

The tech giant blocked the newest release of Java 7 Update 11 through its XProtect anti-malware feature in OS X. 

“Oracle is paying the price for not considering the larger developer and user community, ” South African Java expert Mark Clarke, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Johannesburg-based Jumping Bean told HumanIPO.

OS X XProtect list has been updated to block Java Update 11 automatically.

According to The Next Web, the file path in question is

Oracle is expected to launch a newer version of Java, Java 7 Update 12, that will solve the current issues.

Windows and Linux users are recommended to disable Java if they have to use it later, while those who have no urgent need of the program are encouraged to delete it from their hard drives.

Earlier this month a malicious software posing as a Java patch have been created by hackers, reported HumanIPO on January 18.

This followed news in mid-January that the Oracle emergency update of Java is insufficient.

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